June 14, 2022

Roof Maintenance 101 - How to Maintain Your Roof

Roofing Maintenance

You've just spent valuable money and time getting your new roof installed, and hopefully took our advice and went with a company that provides both workmanship and manufacturer warranties. Even then, it's always best to carry out occasional maintenance on your roof as it can help prevent deterioration, damage and keep it looking brand new longer.

With that said, while most roof companies sell you on new roofs, we wanted to provide you some useful tips for seasonal maintenance.

How to Maintain Your Roof


It's not a bad idea to check your roof once in a while to ensure that everything is in tact. If your roofing company did a solid job and used durable materials then there shouldn't be any damage, however, a strong enough storm or installation mistake could necessitate minor repairs. If you're able to safely check your roof, take a look and ensure that all the shingles are intact, there are no patches missing, no stains, and nothing is peeling or falling off. If all the boxes are checked and there's no damage then you're good to go, otherwise give your roofing company a call as handling it yourself could void the warranty.

Cleaning Your Roof

Although it's the pricier option, it's always best to contact a professional roof cleaner for this step since they are most familiar with how to properly clean your roof without damaging the shingles. Sometimes homeowners end up causing damage in an attempt to clean their roof due by using too high water pressure, causing shingles to peel. It's also a much safer option of course as well.

GAF, our trusted manufacturer and industry leader for roofing materials says the following when attempting to rid of mould from your roof:

Use a treatment of chlorine bleach or copper sulfate solution applied with a low-pressure garden sprayer can kill the mold, algae, or fungus. Do not use traditional chemical cleanser as it may be harmful to your landscaping, pets and children.

Additionally, trimming trees and branches will help prevent moisture issues and build up on your roof as well.

Unclog Your Gutters

It is recommended that you inspect your gutters a few times per year, especially after any bad storms. This is because gutters can become clogged, leaving water to collect on your roof and cause damage such as leaks.

Provided you are comfortable and able, use a ladder to inspect your gutters and with a pair of gloves, use your hands to clear out any debris. You may run a hose afterwards to ensure all debris is removed. If you are unable, or uncomfortable doing this, we recommend contacting a roof cleaner for assistance.

Checking for Storm Damage

After any intense storm be sure to do the following:

  • Check roof for shingle damage or peeling
  • Check the exterior of your property for parts of your roof that may have fallen
  • Look for any holes or light peaking through your attic
  • Inspect and clear out gutter debris
  • Look for fallen branches or trees on your roof or leaning against your home
  • Look for stained shingles or collections of water built up

Roof maintenance, although often forgotten by most homeowners, is useful in protecting your roof and keeping your home looking its best. Use the tips we've recommended in this article and you'll likely see more longevity in your roof!

Be sure to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns. We're always happy to help however we can!

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