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Modernized Open Concept Hamilton Home

Modernized Open Concept Hamilton Home
Hamilton, Ontario

Modernized Open Concept Hamilton Home

We couldn't be happier with the way our home turned out! It looks AMAZING! We ended up doing way more than we originally wanted but it was sooo worth it. Koast and his team were awesome!!!! - Samantha W.

For this project our client was looking to freshen up their home and create a modern, open concept living environment that would allow their family and their guests to feel at home. Their plan was to initially renovate the kitchen only, however, upon doing a walkthrough with the homeowners and providing them some additional ideas for other areas of their home, they wanted to take advantage of our suggestions and renovate the entire space.

Our Process

The Kitchen

We also tore down the previous backsplash in the kitchen as it was outdated and needed something more modern to match everything else. We installed a light coloured backsplash with some blue white and grey to add some colour while still keeping things simple.

Living Room

When renovating the living room and dining room space of this beautiful home, we took down a dividing wall in order to open things up and create a welcoming space where the family could enjoy eachother’s presence without feeling disconnected. For this we removed the column and then did mud and tape before painting to finish it off.


The homeowner's bathroom was slightly outdated and they wanted to maintain the minimalist, bright, light coloured vibe the rest of the house had and so we installed a new toilet, vanity, mirror and additional accessories to brighten up and modernize the space.

I want to do this to my home. How long does a renovation like this take?

Our team revitalized this home in less than a week. The entire turnaround took less than a month as we first met with the client about 2 weeks prior to getting started and finished shortly after. Of course the timeline differs from project to project and is dependant on the size of the space and what parts of your home are being renovated.

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