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Beautiful Residential Roof Replacement
Hamilton, Ontario

Beautiful Residential Roof Replacement

We're really happy with our roof. We called around and spoke with a few different companies but ended up going with these guys because Koast was the most friendly to be honest. We felt like we could trust him and we were right

For this home we did a full roof repair using GAF Certified shingles. This homeowner was really happy and took comfort in the fact that the shingles came with a 50 year warranty as didn't want to have to worry after getting the replacement.

Here is a view of our team during the roof replacement process removing the previous, old shingles. Many homeowners are often worried about roof debris falling onto their property or damaging their outdoor furniture, however, we make sure to always use protective tarps and boards to ensure your home is safe.

The Result

As you can see, our team provided the homeowners with a brand new, trustable, durable roof and they were completely happy with the result.

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